Friday, August 14, 2009


TalkShoe - Call - Operation Attack Squirrel

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Alrighty since we did so much NERDACON stuff we decided to forgo a new episode this week and put out what we already had which includes last week's episode.

So first off we did the FAKE NANNA, NANNA, NEWS with made up stories like:

Ann Coulter having a love child with Satan:

Porky Pig Denies Swine Flu allegations.

Sara Palin stop bank robbery with her fat vagina.

Then we moved onto actual real entertainment news and talked about:

Ryan O'Neil hitting on his own daughter at Farah's funeral.

Leaked Vannessa Hudgen's Pictures:

The return of Futurama with the right voices.

The very, very, very bad G. I Joe

and finally some tough love from B'Wheezy.

Thanks for listening folks.

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